Black Market Taints Animal Gene Pool

A recent surge in the black market trade of recently de-extinct animals is being blamed for a significant drop in the levels of species gene purity. Experts are suggesting that as gene construction technology becomes ever more available to bio-hackers, so the until-now meticulously curated gene purity of the bio-archive is becoming more susceptible to invasive introgressive hybridization. Bioengineering has been heralded for years now as the antidote to humanity’s indulgences in terms of greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, the over production of farmed meat and our sixth and seventh mass extinctions of ecosystems of intelligent life. However as humans now fragment life over three different planets then the gene pool is becoming vastly compromised and mutations more rife than ever. Animal producer and bioengineer Abdul Ben-Hassan from World Terminus Sector Four commented: “Unless regulation is vastly tightened to protect licensed traders such as myself our fragile remaining ecosystems will collapse into an unparalleled alien gloop. Someone needs to act fast.”

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