Huawei P20 Pro optimised for first-ever calls to Proxima

Not content with their P20 Pro dominating the smartphone camera world, Huawei have announced today an upgrade that will make these phones the first ever to integrate Utopia's intergalactic telecoms technology. Preliminary tests on Utopia's new technology, which employs quantum entanglement sciences to facilitate instantaneous information transfer across galactic distances, has now proved successful.

Utopia spokesperson Eve Rosenburg claims, “This development is quite literally a quantum leap from the first mobile networks on the moon, and the subsequent links developed between Mars and Earth. We're thrilled to partner with Huawei on this project to ensure that everyone who moves to the Off-world colonies will still be able to speak to friends and family back home.”

Check out the latest photos from World Terminus below, all captured on the Huawei P20 Pro.

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